There is a huge shortage of Residential Property across the UK. Highlighting the need for new-build residential homes, the Yorkshire Building Society has said that UK housebuilding targets have be missed by almost 1.2 million since 2004.

To combat the crisis, the government has pledged to build 250,000 per annum every year until 2020 however, even with this much building activity, supply is not expected to keep up with demand.

It is thought that 300,000 houses need to be built per year to help resolve the current housing crisis.

The residential revolution

Sustainability and longevity are key points in our process and we work closely with those in the local area to deliver something to help the community to flourish.

The right solution takes great care and great planning, that’s why we work closely with local authorities and specialist to determine the best type of impact on the market.

Our aim is to create projects which are much more than just bricks and mortar. Our team delivers homes and communities which will stand the test of time.

Projects within the sector

We are proud to be a part of the movement. Our student projects in Luton have emerged as the top choice for young people studying in the area.

Developing sustainable communities built on integrity

We adopt the highest possible business standards and trading ethics to create impressive buildings which benefit local communities.

Our hands-on approach

With years of experience, Opto Property Group has a healthy back catalogue of completed developments. Our experience allows us to observe all regulations while creating innovative designs.

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Profit through partnership

Our approach means that we work with clients to deliver cost efficient solutions. Each project is created to enhance the local community, with the aim to deliver structures will withstand the test of time.

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