We build certainty, bringing the most complex projects to life

Let our professionals help you build on your success. Our dedicated team is available start to finish but we don’t just stop there. Our management service can offer help and support post completion.

What makes us unique

From finding the perfect sites for developments to robust cost planning and management control via WT Partnership, we provide a full service from start to finish and beyond.

We offer a full property management service post completion available via Opto Living.

Property development with a fresh prespective

Opto Property Group provides an innovative approach to the construction industry. The team consistently reviews each scheme to ensure the best results.

Product design

We add the best value when we are able to influence the design early in the process. Our established team designs projects with greatest care to ensure the end product has a long-term, positive impact on the local community.


Opto Property Group has successfully delivered a number of high quality, sustainable and affordable student accommodation schemes, care homes and residential developments.


Using our robust, in-house team, we procure all work packages directly, meaning greater control over the supply chain. This means we can react to change to deliver schemes on time and not exceeding budget.

Environment, community and future

We understand that our projects have a direct impact on the local community they are built in.

That is why we take pride in what we do. Our aim is to deliver long-term UK housebuilding solutions to ensure they cater to demand.

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We don’t just meet industry standards, we exceed them

The accreditations we hold demonstrate this commitment and reassure partners of our quality standards. But you can also be rest assured that we’ll always strive to exceed the agreed standards by some considerable margin.