Building a better future, today

We consciously ensure that our impact on the environment and the local community is minimal and we continuously strive to improve our performance.

Making positive choices

Everyone working in the construction industry understands that they have a direct impact on the environment, the communities they work in and, in many cases, the future success of the project beyond practical completion.

Opto Property Group works on the basis that we comply with environmental legislation and other requirements including the prevention of pollution.

The path to success

At Opto Property Group, we achieve our objectives by adopting the following objectives...

Environmental footprint

An Environmental Management System (EMS), certified as compliant with BS.EN.ISO14001:2004 is in place and an Environmental Risk Assessment is carried out on every project.

Reducing and waste

We continually strive to reduce carbon emissions and energy and water use. We always aim to maximise recycling through minimising waste and the diversion of waste from landfill.

Sustainable materials

Our approach includes responsible sourcing and the increase of recycled content. The life cycle of products and services are considered and we use sustainable materials where possible.

Working with local communities

We minimise disruption and nuisance to the local communities and we are Associate Members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Local workforce

Where possible, we create jobs for the local community.

Understanding corporate responsibility

We ask that every member of our team recognises their responsibilities regarding protecting the environment.

Our vision on health and safety

Safety is a priority area for the company. We exceed all necessary construction safety standards, ensuring the safety of our staff and contractors who carry out the work activities and anyone who may be affected by them.

Our mission

Opto Property Group prides itself on integrating with the local community and will, where possible, involve local charities, educational establishments and businesses in our plans for the future.